On our way…

So when I last left you, I was in full freak out mode trying to sort out how on earth I could keep the almighty surprise Disney trip under wraps. Looks like mission accomplished I got quite the shocked reaction from my partner and my 3 year old was excited but I don’t think she will really grasp it until we get there.

As I write this I am on the flight filled with anxiety. The worst is over right, why would anyone be anxious? Because like many women I know, we put it upon ourselves to take responsibility for everyone’s happiness, state of mind and satisfaction. As I write it, the intelligent part of me realizes how asinine that is but until they make another model of me, this is what you get.

So now, as we sit in our very comfy first class upgrades (thanks to miles baby) my kiddo is snuggled in with her blanket, lambie and some Ryan’s Toy review. The other half sits across the aisle with movies I made sure he downloaded, made sure he had the right headphones and is looking slightly less than super comfy but at least he has not saying anything yet.

Me? I am writing this and planning ten steps ahead about the rest of the day, the unpacking, the washing of new items (preordered and sent straight to the hotel) and the entertainment for the rest of today. We land by midday and I am not sure how aggressive this trip will be but if possible I’ll keep you updated and you can go along with me on this insane and totally self imposed penance/vacation

Breathe deep

Clarity R


Prepping for disaster … I mean Disney

So my partner and I sat down a couple of weeks ago and said wouldn’t it be great to get away for the holidays, really sink into a real vacation somewhere as a family and do it at the busiest time of the year? A few internet searches and a heart stopping total later, we realized it was out of our price range and dropped the whole thing.

Here’s the thing, I now have this seed planted in my head that I CANNOT get out…Disney World.

So I get on the phone make some calls, check my bank balance, cash in every voucher, points, and frequent flier mile I have and Voila! It’s in reach. Cute right? That’s just it. As a glutton for punishment I decide it will be a complete surprise to both him and my 3 year old and (wait for it) I will have them unpack Disney sweaters on Christmas Day in a suitcase and say Surprise! We leave tomorrow at 6 am for 10 days.

This is the point where some people will say awww. And others will see the truth. This is a disaster in the making. I am trying to pack and organize Disney secretly. I’m shipping winter clothes and custom Disney T Shirts to the hotel. I am arranging all my daughters medication and specialty items with no one to double check. I am trying to make sure he has the right clothes for the weather and not take any jobs or make any plans between Christmas and New Years because he won’t be here.

I am thoroughly exhausted. I am frustrated and I can’t even say why. I am throwing fits when anyone around me even says anything plane related lest they give away the surprise I have kept for WEEKS! And I am slowly going insane.

Stay tuned as I will be blogging about the entire experience, how they react to the surprise, and of course all our experiences on the trip. Wish me luck, a pinch of sanity and a great vacation

Clarity R

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We all start somewhere

Let’s start with the basics, I am not by any means an expert in any of this. Not fashion, not beauty, nothing. What I am is an educated consumer with a real frustration as to how single note most information is out there for people in the Caribbean.

We are a really difficult group to get a hold on, from our huge range of ethnic makeups to our massive affection for all things holiday (I’m looking at you Trinidad, you guys can take a holiday for everything!). It is time to take the information out there and start customizing it for us.

So what will you see here? My daily struggles (And successes) with modern brands. Does this foundation really work when it’s hot every single day? Can I wear knee high boots in Barbados in August if I’m not Rihanna? How do I take the latest trends and make them my own.

Reality check: it doesn’t cost a thing to have an opinion and this is mine but I do look around for deals, sales, coupons and more and pass these onto you mostly though my Facebook ( or Instagram (@clarityreviews). I will carry some affiliate links to support this page but will never post anything I haven’t tried or bought for myself and believe in. The page is call Clarity after all, so here it is crystal clear.

Here we go….

A new movement in fashion, beauty and lifestyle focused on the Caribbean.