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I Tried It…Lash Lift Edition

Lately I have been scrolling through Instagram with more purpose, since I found the incredible Forever Radiant spa and had such a wonderful treatment (see The Oxygen Facial from my I Tried It series) who else could be hiding?

One thing I have always been very curious about is lash lifts and lash extensions. I really rarely wear falsies though I love how they make a look pop. After some costing research and details on how often I would have to attend to both options, I chose a lash lift. The cost was not as overwhelming as lash extensions (due to the need for fills) and lasted longer (up to 8 weeks with proper care) so I jumped in head first.

After extension research and call, I decided on Polish as my choice and booked. The owner was polite and professional with great directions and answered all my concerns right away. In addition she was having a special that included a pedi which I sorely needed. The next day I was booked and ready.

The location itself was not ideal, tucked away behind a major building, it seemed a bit odd and I had a little trouble finding the entrance but once inside uptempo music was in order and the space was clean and tidy if a little dated. (The proprietor mentioned she would be moving to a more modern space shortly).

After laying down she placed caps over my eye lids and I felt the liquid being applied and lashes pulled back. It felt so strange, not painful, just odd. I kept thinking I felt something in my eye but it was mind over matter knowing all these liquids were being so close the eye area. To be honest, I lost track of time a little as I fell asleep for a short while. Soon enough it was over and she removed the pads and cleaned up with instructions to keep them dry for 24 hours, not to use waterproof mascara or rub at them too hard and a little spoolie for brushing.

Surprise, this morning my lashes were curled right back and made a huge difference in the appearance of my makeup. If I had know about this I would have done it years ago. Here are my before and after pictures with the proof and after I added my Milk Makeup Kush Mascara, I looked invincible. (Photos are just after the lift).

Would I do it again? Hell yeah. Now I want to try the extensions! Find the lash tech @polish_tt if you are this way.

As always, all opinions are my own, I paid for this service and this post is not sponsored.

Clarity R


I tried it…Hourglass Ambient Bronzer

Hourglass has always been a stunner for me when it comes to the beauty industry. With stellar packaging, incredible marketing campaigns and a luxe approach I was in love from day one. Their Veil setting powder changed my life, as a person with very dry skin, I thought I would never be able to really achieve that flawless under eye since most powders made my skin look like the Sahara but this one was divine.

Then my heart broke, I tried both the stick and liquid foundations and they simply did not work for my skin type. It broke my heart as a watched video after video rave about these products but knew they just were not for me. Enter the ambient palettes. These were so stunning but with some hefty price tags that made me think twice, so when the minis launched on Sephora I jumped at the chance and it was totally worth it.

The Ambient bronzer is stunning, it gives my medium olive complexion a subtle contour with just a touch of glow and makes me seem more bronzed and glowy than I thought possible. How good is it? I’m about to drop serious coin and purchase all the full size palettes as now I am hooked.

Hourglass remain the gold standard for me since they do not launch products lightly, time and consideration goes into each launch and it shows. So have you tried any Hourglass goodies? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

As always, not sponsored but these are just that good!

Clarity R

La Roche-Posay- ACD

Prime for success

Some people think primers are a waste but I have dry skin and I adore them. They give me that one extra layer of potential success for a flush, smooth finish and I often spend more on primers than I do foundations! My current go to combo is the Too Faced Hangover Primer all over and the ELF Poreless Putty Primer around the T Zone.

So of course after a major shopping binge I decided to try the Cover FX gripping primer and although it is pricey for a primer when there are so many great options at the drugstore I have to tell you, it’s a game changer!

The primer itself is very tacky, it has a gel like consistency and is very thick coming out of the tube. I almost felt like I was applying a thick honey to my face so I used it very sparingly the first time (about the size of a pea) but happy to see a little goes a long way. The amount not only covered my entire face but the results were mind boggling. I tried the primer over the course of several days with Colourpop No Filter Foundation, Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Jouer High Coverage Creme Foundation for varying levels of coverage and wear time and every single time I was wowed.

This primer not only gives you a flush base to work with making you skin appear smoother, the gripping aspect of the primer acts like super glue for all the foundations I tried with them all becoming budge proof and giving me a flawless finish for at least eight hour wear. Although I am a little camera shy, here’s a picture so you can see the finish on my skin.

Interested in this? Click on the link below to take a look. This review is not sponsored I bought all products with my own money and I think it’s the second coming. If you click on the link and buy I do receive a small commission but come on I have to subsidize my shoe habit somehow.

I Tried It – Shapewear

HoneyLove Sculptwear - Next Generation Shapewear

We all know that many of us struggle with weight but even those who don’t understand the power of great shapewear. With the advent of Spanx many years ago, we all expect women to have a flat and seamless appearance under the tightest dresses and with not an ounce of extra showing.

Although I don’t hold myself to that impossible standard, I do appreciate the help of great shapewear to give me an added boost of confidence by making me feel that rolls have been firmly tucked away. A good shapewear piece can actually make clothes fit a little better and give you a confidence booster. So I tried 3 of the biggest at all price ranges.

Spanx of course being the absolute innovator in the industry was my first choice. For the purpose of the experiment, I bought a similar style in all pieces tested, a short type piece which pulls up just to under the rib line and extends mid thigh. Next I went with HoneyLove, a new player in the game that promises to not rolls down (a big claim) and last, Maidenform, a brand readily available at most shopping malls and at a significant lower price point than the others.

Spanx – does is exactly as it says, it is Tight! Pulls in all those little ripples and rolls to provide a seamless and smooth finish under clothes. Can be pricey but made me feel great. One con is is rolls down on the tummy after time and I found myself heading to the bathroom to pull and yank the waistband back into place.

HoneyLove – More expensive that I anticipated but kept those tummy and back rolls firmly in check, and get this…It Never Rolled Down! I thought that was quite the claim to make but it has proven me wrong. This was a shocking experience as I never tugged, yanked or anything else all day. It kept me in without strangling me and I couldn’t believe how well it stayed up.

Maidenform – By far the most affordable and had the softest material, a cotton and spandex combo that felt soft against the skin. These were the closest to real underwear and felt gentle against the skin. It didn’t have the level of control the others did. It did roll down a little but not as much as the Spanx and really were the most comfy all day.

My vote? HoneyLove for the win. This was a game changer for me and I foresee myself using this far more often.

Clarity R

Want to try it? Click here: HoneyLove

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I Tried It…the Elf Versus Tatcha primers

I think by now everyone knows about the E.L.F. Poreless Putty primer being hyped as a dupe for the Tatcha Silk Canvas primer and because of the significant cost difference (ELF is $8 versus Tatcha $52) I though it would be worth a try. I used each primer product exclusively for 15 days straight with varying foundations and with my normal skin care routine and I was pretty surprised.

The Tatcha wins for its luxurious packaging. That little scoop is too cute though I had a hard time finding it most days and just rubbed my fingers onto the product for application. I did not use a rice grain for my entire face but it did blur my pores. Bonus points, it made an excellent eye primer which is rare for a primer product to be eye safe. It did give my shadows some sticking power but did not give them any extra depth as it was not a solid base. The price however is frightening. I own a great deal of Tatcha skin care products but $52 for a primer is sticker shock for most no matter how good it is. 5 out of 5 stars.

The ELF primer comes in pretty basic packaging and was applied directly onto my skin using my fingers like a balm. It certainly filled in my pores but did not have a flawless a finish as the Tatcha primer. However, to notice the difference you had to be really up and close and personal, for any normal conversation there was no difference in the appearance of my makeup. This was not an eye safe primer, or I didn’t see that info anywhere so didn’t try that. At $5? Sign me up. 4 out of 5 stars.

So was there a clear winner? Tatcha is a superior product but unless you are being photographed for everyday use the ELF does the trick and when I can literally get 10 for the price of 1? ELF has my vote.

Clarity R

Image via Jeffrey Star (I recommend his video review)

This review was not sponsored and all thoughts are my own. Links are affiliates and I make a small commission of any sale.

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PS I adore this mist!

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Colourpop No Filter Foundation Review

The Colourpop line has been a God Send for many of us on budgets who would love access to great variety without crushing our savings goals but their foray into face products in 2018 was touted to be a game changer. A great, full coverage foundation product with a low price point ($12 with no coupon or sale) and in a huge variety of shades.

Like many others, I waited for the beauty gurus to launch their reviews and came up just as confused as many others. Tati (@glamlife guru) who I have come to respect had no love for it but stated that you have to try things for yourself to really know. Others raved about it but it felt forced with some and I was not 100% sure the review I was getting was accurate but at $12 I took the plunge and ordered the two shades I thought a best match.

When I first tried this, it was with their primer and setting spray with I also ordered and it was an unmitigated disaster. It broke up very easily, the setting spray smelled like pure alcohol and even burned me a little and the foundation did my dry skin no favors. It emphasized texture, coverage was not lasting and it aged my skin. I was ready to dump it but I decided to try again.

This time I use the Too Faced moisturizing primer and the Catrice Dewy setting spray and to my pleasant surprise it looked a lot better. Not just better, flawless. With a healthy dose of the right base products, this has become my go to foundation for everyday use and with a sponge provides medium coverage at a great price point. Since then I have restocked and turned my sister onto the foundation (with correct directives for use) and I am in love. Often there are codes floating around for the foundation so I often get it around the $8 point which makes this an even more stellar deal.

Throw out the spray, dump the primer and stock up on the foundation and I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Clarity R

ASOS Design

Testing the Viral Juno Sponge

I don’t know how many of you saw last year the blow up on the Juno microfiber velvet sponge starting with Ms. Nikkie Tutorials herself and continuing to one of my most trusted YouTube celebrities Ms. Kathleen Lights. After taking a look a huge variety I decided to take the plunge myself but with a different approach. A sponge should be replaced every three months so why not test the sponge for its FULL lifespan before I made a comment, so that’s what I did.

I purchased my pack of two sponge applicators and a Kabuki style brush (not covered in this review) on Amazon for a whopping $13.00 and no shipping thanks to Prime, and so began the daily wear test for a three month span. I tested using my exact routine and the same three foundations I know the coverage, finish and amount of product I use for each application as follows:

1. Run around on weekends light to sheer coverage – Benefit Hello Happy Foundation

2. Everyday work beat medium coverage. – Colourpop No Filter Foundation or Clinique Beyond Perfecting (I rotate equally between the two, coverage is comparable)

3. Beat down night time or event look – Jouer High Coverage Essential Creme Foundation

So as noted from above, I picked up a a two pack, one with a pointed tip which I kept for foundation and one with a flatter edge which I kept for creme products such as highlighters, contour etc. so let’s start with Sponge 1 used for the foundation.

After a good wash and removal of any factory residue, I started with my weekend benefit I usually use a full squeeze and a Sonia Kashuk sponge or a Beauty Blender. coverage is light to sheer and does not cover so imagine my shock when half a squeeze in (put your product on a palette) my face was not just covered, it was a much higher level of coverage than I had seen before from this product. I could barely see my dark brown spots and I used sooooo little product? Shocked yes, convinced no. I had to see more.

Fast forward to a work day, I like a Medium level of coverage and do wear concealer right over brown spots and under my eyes but after applying both of my go to foundations for several weeks in a row with this sponge, I cut down significantly on not only the amount of foundation I was using but the amount of concealer needed as well. Shocked yes, convinced getting there.

Ready for the beat down? Jouer is already known as a product where a little goes a long way so I figured how much of an improvement could this sponge really make when I used 3/4’s of a pump for my whole face as is. The answer is a huge one, I barely use a 1/3 of a pump, need minimal concealer get a flawless airbrush finish that makes me look like my makeup was professionally applied. I am talking selfie central beat down, this was epic.

How about the cleanup and care. Follow the instructions that come in the unit carton and you are in order. I wash my sponges every Sunday because I do a lot of testing and don’t like any remaining residue. These washed easily and without stress, dried easily, retained their shape and were some of the easiest of I have dealt with when it came to its quality from day 1 to day 90 of use.

I also used the other sponge for creme highlight and contour and the principle is the same, it was a huge improvement in coverage and finish, using a ton less product and was a game changer in my routine. So goodbye $20 beauty blenders, thanks for the great ride. Loved my Sonia Kashuk but it never lasted or made such a difference in my routine and count me on the Juno train.

This was a fun one to do because it actually has changed my routine, improved my technique and has shown me that even the most basic tool can be improved. Stay tuned for any updates I pick up but I will be following Juno VERY carefully.

And in case I have to say it. This review was Not Sponsored, all products were purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own. I just couldn’t find anything wrong with the damn thing!

A fancy picture of my order on my couch