Closet Cleanup, let’s make our wardrobe work for us.

I find cleaning videos cathartic. There is a sense of Zen when things fall into order and you watch that video at high speed on things just coming together. As I watched yet another of these videos I was inspired but with my own twist.

You see, this isn’t about getting rid of things, this is about a rotation of the things I already own so I get more use out of my own closet and actually can SEE what’s in there. My clothes are packed like sardines and often I ended with the same ten outfits on repeat because it’s what I can get it. Enter my genius idea. I purged 2/3’s of my closet and packed it away like you would winter gear. I am going to be wearing what is out for the next 4 months, then I am going to change the cycle.

In my head, the perks of this would be the feeling of a whole new wardrobe that’s really been there all along! It makes the clothes feel fresh and allows me a chance to make full use of my clothing by pushing me into wearing looks I haven’t in a while.

There are a couple of things I picked up from Amazon to make this possible and I will have them all linked but these were my most critical .

The rack organizers kept the hangers in order after pulling down quite a few items from the closet. It’s a simple and neat fix.

Now where to put everything? This set of storage totes with clear lids are easy to keep track of everything without some crazy vacuum packing system.

The Umbra scarf hanger works like a dream to keep accessories in order and kept me from going nuts

I’ve been trying for some time to get rid of all the old hangers and I finally picked some of these up. Besides the aesthetics, it’s made stacking the clothes so much easier.

So that’s the end of my insane adventure of trying to make my closet work for me, I’ll keep you updated on how this works but I have high hopes. I can’t believe that I haven’t thought of this before but sometimes you need inspiration.

Clarity R

These links are affiliated so I can afford to get more hangers because let’s be honest, my closet is ridiculous. Image Via Pintrest.

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