Love it or Leave it, my take on the things I’ve tried

This post goes with my YouTube video (Yes, I actually started) on the products I’ve recently gone through and my take on them. My opinion is exactly that, MY thoughts on these products so don’t yell at me if one of your favorites hit my Leave It section. Each product name is a link to shop if directly if you so desire (even the ones I think suck). Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and support this project that keeps me sane.


Bliss Ex Glow Sion. Budget friendly moisturizer at $17.99 on Amazon, this has a light whipped texture that lays beautifully below makeup and gives a soft glow to the skin. Love it.

Tatcha Deep Exfoliating Cleanser. This messed up my Foreo Mini and I’m still pissed. It leaves little chunks of white residue everywhere and the product is hell to get out of the packaging. At $38 they owe me a new Foreo. Leave it.

Morphe Continuous Setting Mist. A fine spray that is perfect for setting your makeup or refreshing the skin without leaving huge damp spots everywhere (I’m looking at you ELF), at $16 is real value and helps keep me intact all day long. Love it.

Too Faced 3 in 1 Hangover Setting Spray. The nozzle leaks, it feels like you’re being attacked by rain drops AND it didn’t keep my makeup in place. At $16 it’s definitely a Leave it.

Baptiste Dry Shampoo. This baby is $6.77 on Amazon and makes my lazy side rejoice. It keeps my hair refreshed and in order until my next salon visit but hold it away from the head or risk looking like Olaf ( if you don’t get my snowman reference… sorry I have a toddler) Love it.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir. Meant as a spray in serum for prior to makeup this was $18 and I feel like it all went into the packaging. The product pretty much did zip for me so I’m keeping the bottle. Leave it.

Ole Henriksen Vitamin C Truth Serum. Probably the most expensive thing on the list at $49 I would repurchase this in a heartbeat. It’s actually lightening my hyperpigmentation and there is no dollar value I can put on that. Love it.

Urban Decay All Nighter Spray. At $20 for a tiny bottle it does what it says. My makeup lasts all night and does not budge but I can’t get past the weird smell that it has. Something about it just doesn’t sit right with me so no matter how well it’s works, I’m going to Leave it.

Colourpop No Filter Concealer. How it hurts me to say this about my favorite brand but this concealer is not for me. It ages under my eyes, pills and cakes and just makes me look like the Sahara. Anything else I adore but not this. Leave it.

Murad Vitamin C Cleanser. Clearly I have a thing for Vitamin C (and good packaging) this makes me feel clean and refreshed without stripping my skin and is a great AM or PM cleanser. Love it.

Murad Skin Care

AOA Liquid Matte Lipstick. If only I could find an exact dupe to the color Blogger I would be so happy but it’s my lot in life to have a favorite shade and the lipstick smells like paint thinner. It’s a dollar and you can tell. Leave it.

Bath and Body Works Foaming hand soaps in Lemon and Vanilla. The foaming means you use less product but the scents are really what I love. A clean crisp Lemon for the kitchen and a warm Vanilla for the bathrooms. At $6.50 it’s a Love it.

I hope you enjoyed my empties round up and the truth on these products. I am really looking forward to hearing your opinion, let me know have you tried any of these? Do you Love it or Leave it?

Clarity R

Some of these links may be affiliated in which case I make a small commission if you buy through them but I shot myself in the foot with this one because some people I have links for are in the Leave It column. Oh well.

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