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For those who don’t know Pat McGrath (or Mother as she is called by her legions of fans) is one of the leading makeup artists in the world. With massive runway shows and red carpet appearances under her belt, she is the go to artist for glossy, spectacular skin and high impact eye looks. If you haven’t seen her IG feed (@patmcgrathreal), I suggest you pause reading and take a look so the rest of this makes sense. Her eyeshadow tutorials look as though Tinkerbell’s makeup dreams have come true (and I mean this as the highest compliment!)

Image via IG @patmcgrathreal makeup by @alexandra_anele

So following her launch of her Skin Fetish system, I decided to pick up a few pieces and try them to see if I could make this wearable for my everyday look. Keep in mind, at 40 with a conservative job, it’s not like I can rock the Pat look on an everyday basis. I picked up the following from her website.

Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Foundation in Light Medium 14 $68. Skin Fetish Highlighter and Balm Duo in Nude $48.

Eye Ecstasy Eyeshadow Palettes in Sublime and Subversive $28 each.

Let’s start with the basics. The foundation is NOT cheap. At almost $70 (and it is if you count tax) I could have picked up multiples of other brands. The foundation is sheer to medium coverage which is clearly stated on the website and has a glass like finish. If you are like me and have hyperpigmentation and redness, this can be tough. The foundation finish made my skin look, well….sublime. But because I still had issues with having to conceal I ended up adding more product to try and even out those areas. I am hoping she comes out with a concealer next because the finish and feel of it was incredible, and with my more mature skin was super complementary on most of my face.

The Highlight Duo was another story. I struggle a little with the correct usage of the balm half of the product and have never quite gotten the same finish as shows on her tutorials. I think this is meant for those with more youthful or taut skin who can make the most of its glossy formula. On my more dry skin, I found it emphasized texture more than was necessary.

Let’s get to the big boys. If you are anything like me, you probably hyperventilate just thinking about spending up to $125 on an eyeshadow palette. When the mini palettes were launched I just about tripped over myself trying to get to them. I was a little taken aback for a few reasons. I have never tried such pigmented and buttery shadows in my life. The consistency comes across more as a cream than a powder and they blend like a dream.

Image via http://www.patmcgrath.com

I panicked a tiny bit when I realized there were no mattes but after a little trial and error I see why people obsess over her shadows. I am totally in love and now am a huge fan of Mother. Once again, I feel the need to reinforce that as a person with mature skin, my eyes are suffering from skin wrinkles but this shadow pushes through that with no issue. They look almost like I know what I’m doing! Application is effortless and you can create incredible looks.

To sum up, I get it. This is certainly not for everyone. The price point is mind numbing to most but it’s worth every cent in my opinion. The foundation is a stunning formula with a dewy finish but my particular skin type can’t wait for a follow up concealer. The highlighter is not as easy to work with for me but I think with more research I can learn to work with it. The shadows are bar none the best I have ever tried and I am certainly going to step up my game and pick up more (during Black Friday maybe?).

I hope you enjoyed my overview and remind you that this is not sponsored, this was a lot of my hard earned cash and unless Mother decides to adopt me, please feel free to check out my affiliate links so I can afford her next launch!

Clarity R

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