The Learning Process, YouTube Terrors

As promised, I haven’t chickened out and have been recording test videos and doing crazy amounts of research to start and effectively launch a YouTube channel. Here are some of the things I have learned along the way.

YouTube is more complicated than it looks, from learning how to do proper intros and exits, adding cards to videos, ensuring links and credits are properly applied and more. There is a never ending list of things that need to be covered to come over as professional and put together. I uploaded my very first and very raw video with no edits to see what I come across like on camera and I was horrified.

I hope that with some practice, polish and the right information I can present a more put together appearance because my vision for my channel is very clear. I am learning and I want my audience to learn along with me. An interactive space where real people can learn tips and tricks, new techniques and see what it’s like when a non professional tries it.

I am excited though about my content build out. I am really pleased with the idea of shopping my own stash because not everyone can go out there and buy every new launch, there are also lots of channels that cover that kind of material. I would love to be able to get creative with what I have and as such learn what I really want to purchase in future to compliment my existing collection.

Come along with me on my YouTube journey and comment below if you have any must see guides I should be looking at.

Clarity R

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