Low Buy who? I went on a shopping spree

Once a year, usually within the time I am making the rounds to pick up school supplies, I go a little nuts. And by a little nuts I mean I absolutely take my foot off the brakes and pick up whatever suits my fancy so here’s a peek into what’s up for this years spree. Click on the image to direct shop any item listed.

Colourpop: Anyone who has read this blog or seen my Instagram knows how much I love this brand. With reasonable prices and a new launch every 32 seconds or so, it satisfies every itch I could want to scratch and with their new SOL and Fourth Ray Beauty lines, it’s getting harder and harder to navigate away from their website. Here’s what I picked up:

A couple of their So Juicy glosses. I discovered these incredible gems and haven’t look back since. Their Intersection gloss paired with NYX suede lip liner in True Brown is my perfect glossy nude.

Gloss in Intersection (now on sale)

The Uh Huh Honey, California Love and She palettes. With a combo of yellows, bronzes and pinks I am set for all my summer and fall looks.

Fem Rosa She Palette
Uh Huh Honey Palette
California Love (the ultimate travel palette so many looks are possible)

My new surprise the Fourth Ray skin cleansing milk, it looks straight up my alley and I think I good intro into the line.

Great on its’ own or as part of a multi step cleansing routine

Next in line…new shoes! Aldo has an epic sale on, so I snapped up a new pair of nude pumps for work, some great camel colored platforms for my summer adventures, a very patriotic red, white and blue bag and some chic sunnies to top it all off.

ALDO Cilmaclya – Women’s Sandals Wedges – Brown, Size 9

So cute for jeans and rompers and love the color

Think I’m done? Stopped by SheIn for a huge range of rompers that caught my eye, as well as a few t shirts that had adorable catch phrases. But wait, there’s more!

I’m in the plus category and this fits me beautifully

I popped onto Etsy and picked up a few tribal inspired hoops and studs to complete the looks I’m building. I need to start accessorizing more effectively so this is a good start.

Loved how unusual these were and they look amazing

Deep breaths now, I bought most of this stuff when it was on sale, stayed well within my budget and made sure I was able to pay off my credit card in full immediately. There will be no financial regrets here, I stay in my lane and know what I can afford but it’s nice to feel like a big spender when this stuff all arrives at once.

Keep an eye on my IG @clarityreviews or Twitter @reviewsclarity for updated pics on how this stuff works out but a review on my spree will be coming soon!

Clarity R

Some of these links are affiliated and I will make a small commission on the sale, if you have mercy on me and my awful shopping habits, you’ll use them!

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