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I can safely say I am a travel expert. I have travelled all of the world including most of Asia and Europe and do short haul flights (5 hours or less) at least 8 times a year for business. As a result I can say with confidence that I am the one to turn to for how to get as much as you can out of your packing routine. For the sake of expediency, this particular article is about packing must haves, if you want to know what’s in my Travel Makeup kits click here (…)


For those who don’t know what BauBax is you having been missing out. Think of it as a smart wear for travel. With hidden pockets, great access points and a spot for everything including your travel documents, headphones, devices and more you may be hard pressed to see if you really need a carry on. They have several styles for men and women including full outfits but the jackets are my fave. Well worth the investment at $199 for the women’s bomber. It will be the only jacket you ever wear again for travel.

I am not 100% sure how I travelled before packing cubes. They keep clean and dirty items nicely separated and act as compression bags for your clothing so you can fit a great deal more. If you are packing cold weather clothing these are indispensable because large items take up very little space. I love these for shopping trips because everything can fit without paying for extra bags.

Laneige lip balm has been my go to since its inception for preventing dry, chapped lips on a flight. The moisture is incredible but the formula is not sticky. It’s glossy finish with just a hint of tint also makes me feel a little more polished after landing.

Bose headphones have been my ultimate for years. They are crazy expensive compared to some of the items on the market but for good reason. Without the sound on, the noise canceling feature has blocked out many a chat happy neighbor or background noise. In addition, the oval shaped ear piece gives me comfort without pressure on my ears. I don’t tug or pull on cords and wires and don’t have to figure out how to keep them in.

Don’t know how many of you get a chance to go on trips that include shopping but even if you don’t a good pair of scissors has saved me more than once. Get rid of the tag, bulky packaging, weird ties before you attempt to pack. Get rid of threads hanging from your clothes, old baggage tags and more. A sharp pair has saved me trying to chew through some things or mangled my nail clipper in an attempt to remove a tag.

A luggage scale. All women will know the stress of getting your luggage into as few pieces as possible without crossing the overweight limit. Even if you are lucky enough to be flying first class, one pound over can equal some hefty fees or repacking luggage on the floor. This little luggage scale keeps my weight where it should be (exactly 1 lb below the max) and helps me rearrange before I step foot in an airport.

A pair of cute but disposable sunglasses. We all have our super luxe statement pair that we love but let’s be practical about vacations, things get lost, scratched or stolen and no one needs that happening to their Fentys. Quay sunglasses have been proven to be both reasonably priced and suitably stylish that I can carry a few pairs. Just as cute are Aldo accessories which has done some amazing pairs that are very trendy. Pick the right pairs and they many even survive the trip back home.

An amazon prime subscription. Sound like a strange thing? Not if you read at the pace I do and take the kid free opportunity to actually finish the page of a book without interruption. Books can get expensive and the Prime subscription allow me to borrow up to 10 books at a time without cost. I make this program work for me and go through about 300 books a year at last check. That far outweighs the Prime membership cost and can of course has other benefits like Prime Video and 2nd day shipping in case you forget to pack anything above.

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This is my little snapshot into packing must haves for me. It’s not an exhaustive list but somethings that I can’t live without on my frequent jaunts. I would love to hear from you in the comments as to what is on your must have’s list.

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Some of these links may earn me a small commission if you purchase through them which I will use to start a charity for those who still travel with bags that don’t have 4 wheels (poor souls).

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