I Tried It…ABH Luminous Foundation

It’s sweltering in Trinidad, 90 plus degrees with a touch of menopause and you have a cocktail from humidity hell. I start like this for you to understand that I am beyond hot, I feel like my body has rebelled and the environment is participating but in spite of this I did a foundation test.

I have had the Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation since it’s launch day as I was lucky to find it at Ulta in my shade and with my dry skin and climate, I figured a dewy foundation should be right up my alley. The claims sounded like my dream combo, a luminous foundation with no requirement to set with powder and medium coverage? Sign me up.

Zero makeup in all my glory

My shade (315N) is quite possibly the best foundation match I have ever had in my life. It’s truly neutral undertone does not pull grey at all and compliments my skin. I tried both application with a brush and a sponge but lean heavily in favor of the sponge because of the finish being more even. I ended using the Juno sponge (I love the pink one) and found a power couple.

Primers were tough, I felt like a gripping primer under this foundation did it no favors. It’s a thin formula and for it to really shine it needed a lighter base. My best combo thus far is the Farsali Skin Tune Blur with a little Elf Poreless Putty Primer in the T Zone. With that done I achieved flawless medium coverage with no streaking that lasted ALL day in the unceasing tropical heat.

Mid application 1 thin layer with no add ons

I almost found that as the day wore on, the foundation became more luminous but in a pretty way, almost like I had touched up with a highlighter and was flattering without being shiny. I experienced no breakup over time, even around the mouth and nose and loved how I still felt like it looked like skin rather than a mask.

All in all, I haven’t experimented too much with ABH yet, I own the legendary Amrezy highlighter but this is my first dip into the other products and I am impressed. This may become my go to day to day foundation as I feel it’s pretty enough to wear all the time. Who knows? One day when I’m famous enough maybe I can be next to have my own collab, one can dream.

Picture taken with studio lighting and and IPhone (like my towel backdrop?)

Clarity R

All products have been purchased with my own money, this review is not sponsored and Norvina and I are not personal friends (Though that really needs to happen)

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