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HoneyLove Sculptwear - Next Generation Shapewear

When most people think of shape-wear the image of these horrific medieval torture devices often flash through our minds. Contraptions made of thick, unforgiving material that require power tools to get in (and out) of and most of all, as the most unflattering thing we can put onto our bodies. I have to say I fell into that category until recently. I wrote a comparison and review of my experiences with several brands (click here for that article: https://clarityreviewed.com/2019/02/21/i-tried-it-shapewear/ ) and HoneyLove (a brand covered) reached out to me to try even more of their selection.

I jumped at the chance because in my first review, I had no relationship with the brand and they were the clear winner so what else did they have to offer and was it any good? If you follow me, you will know I put items through the ringer. I wear and test for up to 30 days including how items wash because that’s what real life is and I was taken aback. The items sent to me were the Power Brief and the Queen Brief and they were sexy!

For once, I did not feel like I was wearing some awful and shameful garment. The sheer appearance around the bum area gave the illusion of a high cut panty and was more like lingerie than shapewear on the bottom. The waistband held true to their claim, it did not budge, roll down or even fold once. I have worn them both now to work under dresses, under rompers for events and even under a jeans and t-shirt combo for a more flattering silhouette.

HoneyLove Sculptwear - Next Generation Shapewear

The kicker though is what HoneyLove does for me personally. It’s not about trying to look skinny, it’s not about fooling anyone into thinking I don’t have rolls somewhere. It’s about giving me a sense of confidence and putting a little strut in my step when I leave the house. It’s about making me feel like my clothes look good because I am not constantly tugging or adjusting the little spots that we all have that make us self conscious.

The overall experience was empowering and comfortable. Strange bedfellows I know but that’s my feedback. I was gifted these products but as always my readers are more to me than any brand so this is 100% my own opinion and not sponsored. I look forward to the brand bringing out even more options in the future and have to say that I’m all in with HoneyLove .

Clarity R

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HoneyLove Sculptwear - Next Generation Shapewear

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