The Fenty Face

For those who don’t know I happen to be from a small island in the Caribbean called Trinidad, which also happens to be a tiny hop away from Barbados so this has some particular impact for me. When I first started getting into makeup, I was already a big fan of Rihanna and her music but I never envisioned the impact she would have as a mega mogul in beauty, fashion and more.

I was lucky enough to purchase some Fenty products upon initial launch and even more so when I was sent a variety of products by the Fenty team. It has taken me a while to write this because PR or no, I stand firmly by my 30 day test protocol to really know how a product works for me in different environments so here we go. I know I have to say this, so none of these pics are FaceTuned mostly because I have no clue how to use it.

100% Fenty Face with my fave Fenty Bronzer Brush which found my long lost cheekbones

Foundation: This was a struggle at first for me because having dry skin, I found that I got a little flaking around my nose and forehead but then I figured it out, Fenty plays well with others and the Cover FX Gripping Primer has been an amazing combo. the foundation stayed true and that means at least 8 hours of wear in tropical conditions and ac work environment.

Concealer: These are incredible to blend with a thin and flexible applicator that makes it easy to get under the eyes, I actually like these most as my “no makeup” days touch up for a flawless finish.

Matchstix: As I am sure we know my now, beauty enthusiast does not equal beauty expert and I think I was using these incorrectly. Once I applied the reverse foundation technique (applying bronzer, blush and contour under the foundation) this was a dream but to be honest I much prefer the powder bronzers for shaping my face.

Powder: I think this is where I was most hesitant and most pleasantly surprised. My Sahara worthy face avoids powder like the plague and the only one I have ever used with any success is the lightest dusting of the hourglass veil powder, but this changed my mind. Both shades Butter and Lavender has improved my technique and finish remarkably. They both really do blur pores and allow for a flawless finish.

Bronzer: Here is where Fenty shines. The undertones of these bronzers are spectacular and have really allowed me to use them as contour as well. I have a very round face and using the Fenty bronzer brush was an incredible upgrade in my technique and application. I have used this as a travel staple, putting a light dusting over my eyes with a touch of highlighter for pop and I’m done!

Does this sound a little too good to be true? Maybe but I test everything relentlessly and if it’s not that great I say so because I value my reader more than any brand relationship. That being said, RiRi hit this out of the park. As a Caribbean woman of mixed ethnicity, I appreciate and applaud her efforts to create the line to be as comprehensive and inclusive as possible without sacrificing quality.

100% Fenty Face for my attempt at a night time look, this covered all my hyperpigmentation and redness and lasted 10 hours

Cross your fingers for me that they send me more treats to test but even without it, I stand by my Fenty face.

Clarity R

All photos are my own, taken with my incredibly fancy phone on my dining room table. Lighting in my personal photos provided by Mother Nature.

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