Does fashion end at 40?

I want you to think for a moment of a 40 year old, not yourself of course, but someone else that is around that age. Do you think of them as old or young? That’s the question I think I ask myself every time I do an IG post or look at Twitter. This fashion and beauty world has a nasty habit of presenting beauty as no older than 25 and it makes many of us question if we are being considered or spoken to by many of these brands.

Carmen Dell Orefice Image via Pinterest

Rihanna, being who she is, was one of the first to have a model over 40 for her Fenty clothing line launch. She is stunning, embodies confidence and elegance and defies categorization. She can also probably afford Rihanna’s clothes, how many 25 year olds can?

So here is my fundamental question to brands in all categories. Who do you think is buying your $60 primers and $40 lipsticks? Certainly not the 20 something saddled with student loans and living with 3 roommates. It’s us. Financially secure women (and men) with disposable income and a desire to pamper ourselves. It is this demographic so sorely lacking in marketing materials, campaign ads and more that can afford to buy the entire lipstick collection for $150 and not ask for a discount. Why then are we the least represented in fashion, beauty and more as having no desire to be on trend or experiment with our look.

Pia Gronning 64 Image via JCrew

The cardinal rule that fashion dies at 40 ended years ago so we challenge both the fashion and beauty brands to wake up and smell the high credit scores of people who could potentially make or break your business. Recognize and appreciate that this category must be represented as a factor for diversity, the same way shade range is considered for foundation launches (again Rihanna leads the pack, seeing a trend here). No offense meant to the 20’s crowd but move over, mommy’s got some shopping to do.

Clarity R

Image via :Refinery 29


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