I Tried It…Tarte Babassu Foundation

I have had my eye on this product for a while after watching multiple reviews swear up and down that this was great for dry skin. That alone was enough to capture my attention but the $39 price tag held me back. Not just that to be honest, one of the worst foundations I have ever tried was from Tarte and it left a bitter taste in my mouth.

I wanted to give it another shot so years later, we roll into Ulta in Chicago (which one matters I promise) to see if we can try it. Surprise, the day I arrive Tarte happens to be hosting an event in store where a lovely Ulta rep (his name escapes me) was their to help me shade match and do a little try on. I am unsure if you are like me but often I feel a weird sense of pressure to buy something if a rep spends a great deal of time working with me so instead on waiting like I normally do I picked it up right away.

This happened to be day one of my 6 day trip and it was cold. The weather was rainy, my skin was ultra dry and I decided to wear the foundation the entire time I was there along with my regular regimen of travel products (see my earlier blogs on what’s in my travel makeup kit). To say I was disappointed was putting it mildly. The coverage was light to medium and if I tried to build on it, it got cakey and looked awful. The shade was perfect but after 6 days of wear I was unimpressed.

Fast forward to being back home this weekend in tropical weather and 85 degree days and I just couldn’t accept I had to throw this away or give it away when it was supposed to be the perfect mix of skin care and foundation, so with my full arsenal of products at home I tried again.

Sometimes love grows and I wager and this is one of those cases, after some experiments with my skin care and application, the past couple of days have totally changed the way this sits on my skin. In fact, I am probably picking up another at the Tarte sale next week. the coverage is now flawless, perfect semi dewy transfer proof so here are my tips for making Tarte work.

Use a gripping primer: I use the CoverFX gripping primer as I know this works for me

Use a sponge not a brush: This foundation sits better when pressed in with a beauty sponge, I use the Sonia Kashuk sponge from Target.

And most critical, you have to set this foundation with powder, something I normally avoid at all costs but the Fenty powder does a great job without drying me out.

What you end up with a is a dewy finish, with medium to high coverage that lasts all day. As I write this I am on a plane to Milwaukee with this foundation on 12 hours and going strong.

So from yet another plane, I am happy to say that Tarte came through. Let’s just hope my next try is as successful as this one

Clarity R


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