My skin is angry but I’m working on it…here’s how.

I travel extensively for both work and personal reasons and I am not a stranger to the effects of dry, recirculated airplane air and drastic changes in climate having massive impacts on my skin. Even more, the never ending march forward of time has finally hit my skin like a ton of bricks so it’s time to take action. Let’s rewind…

I turned 40 this year and my skin rebelled. From nothing to hyperpigmentation, redness and extreme dry patches, I got slammed by the skin Gods. I deserved it. Like most, I thought I was invincible. I never moisturized, wore sunscreen or took care of my most face forward asset until it was too late and now I am paying the price but it has given me insight into some of the most amazing skin care which has been life changing so let me give you a peek into the saviors of my skin.

Start from scratch, I paid big bucks and went to a specialist for a skin review and it was money well spent. I got a thorough skin assessment that saved me tons of cash because I didn’t purchase the wrong skin care. Details on that experience are in my blog (I Tried It…An Oxygen Facial).

Once your skin is back to basics, invest in the proper combination of skin care that starts with washing your face, every night. I’ll say that again for the people in the back. Wash your face EVERY night. No exceptions. I employ the Bliss Wipes (picked mine up at Target but they are widely available). Then in with a Foreo Mini and Murad Vitamin C cleanser or the Laneige Foaming cleanser.

Following such I break out the moisture products. Day time, I rotate between the Laneige serum and the Ole Henriksen Vitamin C serum followed by the Bliss moisturizer. I let that sit for a minute and then follow with Murad spf. My regular makeup routine then begins.

At night, we break out the big boys and swap our bliss and Murad for the Laneige water cream in lavender. A little goes a long way so being sparing about application and apply down the neck. Laneige lip mask follows and I’m out for the night.

Let’s talk weekend, without fail I do I mask every Sunday. I am a bit of a fanatic and collect them at every turn so I have built myself a wide variety. I use whatever I feel my skin needs the most at the time, last weekend I did an Anti-Redness mask and coming up I think I will be a coconut water detox mask. I am not super brand loyal but you can get great ones from the Yes To brand as well as the house K brands at Ulta and the drugstore. Take your time in the Walgreens or Target beauty aisles for some gems.

So that’s my current routine that has almost totally changed my skin and the way it looks in less than a year. Yes that sounds like a while but I spent the prior 39 messing it up so, not too bad. I also don’t have a 12 step skin care routine because I am a real person. I have a family, a job, pets and more that don’t afford my an hour a day to move through a complicated ritual. I can get all of the above done within a ten minute window and still have put some effort in. I do some specialized add ons every now and then (see prior blog for I Tried It…Murad Dark Spot Corrector) but generally this is the run down.

I hope by putting it out there I have given you some options to try, a few simple steps to follow and of course the reality check needed to take care of your skin. Some the products I have mentioned are linked below – a few are affiliate links I just listed everything I use, love and have tested myself.

Clarity R

This is not sponsored, is my actual skin care routine and damn if I don’t look good!

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