I Tried It…Jeffree Star/Morphe Brush Collection

So both the names Jeffree Star and Morphe tend to ignite either intense loyalty or amazing disdain from many people. I am not one of those, I am not here to take a political stand of any kind regarding an individual or a company, all I am doing is trying an uber-popular launch and giving my opinion.

Now that we have that out of the way, I purchased the entire brush and sponge collection and have been using them for a month as is my standard for reviews so I can have a better feel and overall impression of the products. Let’s start with the sponges.

I have owned Morphe sponges before and this doesn’t seem any different except for its signature pink color. The sponges are soft, expand easily and wash well and I am loving the tiny one for under my eyes as I don’t really love brushes tugging in that area. They come in a 3 pack which I also appreciate because I keep one of the smaller for concealer and another for highlight or cream products. The large one applies my foundation just fine as well but I always lean to my Sonia Kashuk sponge or Juno sponge as they both give a better overall finish.

The brushes however are a 50/50 split for me. The handles are beautiful, easy to hold and have a great finish but the eye brushes shed very easily and more than once I have had to take a tweezers to my face to extricate an errant brush hair. The larger brushes are not too bad, the powder brush is actually pretty nice but again, when compared to my Juvia’s Place powder brush, it can’t come close.

All in all, as pretty as it is, the quality simply seems like a miss on this. I have used other Morphe brushes before including their eye kits and I haven’t had any issues but this simply missed the mark. To be honest, I am a little surprised Jeffree allowed this to be released at this quality level because his own products have a stellar reputation but maybe it’s a contract issue or behind the scenes story we are unaware of.

I look forward to seeing more from both brands but this collab simply flopped for me.

Clarity R

As always, this review is not sponsored. All opinions are my own and products purchased with my own money.


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