Making the jump

Writing for me is cathartic, an experience like no other. I feel completely at ease and often empowered because I can and do state my mind without reservation but since this blog has started a little over a month ago I have come to a conclusion, people don’t read anymore.

I know that’s a massive generalization but content now has to be a put into bite size chunks and really pushed in a different way to get traction. With all the content out there, it’s damn near impossible to pick up an audience with genuine follow up through mere writing. I do have a decent IG and Facebook following (though I know I haven’t really pushed through with Facebook in an age) but the same things are happening. With the very strange algorithm instituted by IG and the rumors of shadows banning accounts that don’t buy ad space, it’s hard to really connect or be noticed by an audience.

Twitter is far more dynamic and especially since the great Norvina Hunt is happening there is more engagement there than ever. But Twitter really chucks the ability to have a thought down to the lowest denominator and then add to it their hatred for decent quality pictures and that’s not a perfect system either.

And we are back at where we stared, YouTube. I have been dying to start recording content, I think it’s even possible for me to get real traction on that platform but I am honestly terrified. I take comfort in seeing some of the amazing content that is possible from the most simple circumstances. I see people filming in their bedrooms, in living rooms, with kids running around. I am also terrified on the potential cost of starting something like this at my age. Who wants to hear the opinion of a 40 year old? But I hold faith in the fact that just like me, makeup was discovered late in the game and our needs and content interests are different.

All I know is that to continue to grow I have to learn to suspend my own sense of concern for making a fool of myself and hope that the makeup Gods have some mercy on me. I’m not looking to be James Charles but it would be great to have a group of like minded subscribers with whom I can have a dialogue.

Clarity R

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