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So on my way to do a a little trip with the fam and multitask. The little one needs a check up, we have some basics for school to get as she is growing like a weed. The other half needs to do some shopping as well so he’s out his own agenda but me? I’m in town for for 40th birthday and Ulta and Sephora.

I was often either not around or too embarrassed to take advantage of all the little makeover perks that these companies provide but baby this year I am going to make sure I am glammed to the gills for my birthday. Most people look at 40 as a milestone, I don’t know if I feel any different or if I feel like this is some line I should be noticing but to be honest I am going to revel in it. I try to stay under the radar for birthdays, I don’t really have a huge friend pool so it often felt kind of silly celebrating. This year however I am going full tilt.

Let’s start with the fact that I am so getting them to our that Hourglass Seamless Vanish Liquid Foundation on me. I have been dying to do a wear test as the stick and I really didn’t agree and this is a great excuse for it. I’ll also be there in time for the launch of the new Beauty Blender primers which look like they could be of interest.

I have also ordered for collection another round of Fashion Nova clothing as I have decided to do a dedicated post to the line and want to see the full range (spoiler alert, the jeans are amazing!). I can’t wait to walk into Ulta too now that so many brands have started appearing in store for testing and you know I have points I’ve been hoarding to buy all my favorite skin care (they have a fabulous selection I actually prefer their range in this over Sephora).

And last but not least? Shoes baby. I am heading to Tory Burch do not pass go, do not collect $200. I intend to snag a cute pair or blue flats I saw in store and hoping they still have them in my size.

So shopping spree much? Yes! And I’ll be taking pics the whole way of you want to follow on IG @clarityreviews and might even being doing some stories and polls of you want to get involved and guide me on my shopping path. I am ready to remake my style and I’m on the way, join me.

Clarity R

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