I Tried It – Murad Dark Spot Corrector

I am not sure what the cause of my dark spots are on both cheeks, I suspect a by product of taking the pill for 20 years as it also happened to others I know on the same one (not in production anymore). Following its appearance, they have only become darker over the years and it has been a real point of contention since it’s right in the middle of my cheeks and is absolute hell to cover with makeup.

I have tried lighteners, a variety of skin care products from high end to drug store all with no success. I though I was destined to never be able to wear dewy, light coverage makeup and would always have to have a full coverage face at all times.

Enter Murad. First of all, my research on the brand provided me a little inspiration as it seems to be well founded in science rather than marketing. Murad has built up a reputation for a solid basis for fact based results. So I decided to take the plunge and invest in their Dark Spot Corrector Kit and signed up for their rewards program (see the link below for details)

Sign up to Murad’s Beauty Rewards program today & earn a bonus of 50 points! Join now!

The results were nothing short of astounding, these photos are my skin untouched with a 10 day window. For the first time I was seeing a clear difference in my skin and the color of the spots. I was using less foundation and concealer and overall had more confidence in the apperance of my skin.

Before treatment

After treatment

I am not only totally sold, I decided to try a few more and absolutely loved the new products. I have since picked up the day time moisturizer, the night time detox moisturizer and the skin peel pads. I was completely thrilled.

If you are interested in any of the products, click on the banner below to be directed to Murad. I do receive a small commission should you purchase via this link but this review is NOT sponsored, all products were purchased with my own money all opnions are my own.


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