Colourpop No Filter Foundation Review

The Colourpop line has been a God Send for many of us on budgets who would love access to great variety without crushing our savings goals but their foray into face products in 2018 was touted to be a game changer. A great, full coverage foundation product with a low price point ($12 with no coupon or sale) and in a huge variety of shades.

Like many others, I waited for the beauty gurus to launch their reviews and came up just as confused as many others. Tati (@glamlife guru) who I have come to respect had no love for it but stated that you have to try things for yourself to really know. Others raved about it but it felt forced with some and I was not 100% sure the review I was getting was accurate but at $12 I took the plunge and ordered the two shades I thought a best match.

When I first tried this, it was with their primer and setting spray with I also ordered and it was an unmitigated disaster. It broke up very easily, the setting spray smelled like pure alcohol and even burned me a little and the foundation did my dry skin no favors. It emphasized texture, coverage was not lasting and it aged my skin. I was ready to dump it but I decided to try again.

This time I use the Too Faced moisturizing primer and the Catrice Dewy setting spray and to my pleasant surprise it looked a lot better. Not just better, flawless. With a healthy dose of the right base products, this has become my go to foundation for everyday use and with a sponge provides medium coverage at a great price point. Since then I have restocked and turned my sister onto the foundation (with correct directives for use) and I am in love. Often there are codes floating around for the foundation so I often get it around the $8 point which makes this an even more stellar deal.

Throw out the spray, dump the primer and stock up on the foundation and I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Clarity R

ASOS Design

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