IG Queen in the making

So a couple of weeks later, where am I in my quest to becoming an IG Queen (have no clue what i’m talking about? See my prior posts!). Step one, I got on track with my Modern Fit Journey (also covered in prior posts). I have lost 4.3 pounds in 6 days and I already feel both elated and tortured.

The change in my diet and overall choices has been dramatic, the free My Fitness Pal app from Under Armour (not sponsored) has been massive help in helping me track my food intake and ensure I stay where I should for meals vs activity. It’s amazing how a coca- cola addict has been converted to drinking water and cranberry juice and eating quinoa and salads instead of my beloved fried chicken. My clothes aren’t quite changing fit yet but the struggle to do up the buttons has eased somewhat and I am going to continue to stick to my twice a week training and walking when I can.

I got my nails done too, like full on acrylic set, long curved and nude just like the IG Queens. My manicurist is a damn magician (pics to follow on IG) and made my short, breaking nails look perfect. I love them but from a practical point of view I am going to have her take down the length when I go for the fill. I am struggling to type and don’t start me on buttons! Though she does say “Divas adjust”.

So nails? Check. Body? Working on it…

Clothes? That’s coming and I am just as curious as you are to see how it goes. I placed orders from Shein, Fashion Nova and Boohoo, sites I see posted all the time on IG by influencers of ALL sizes so I cant wait to see not only how long it takes to get here but what the quality and fit are like. That may be my first IG stories foray if it works out!

Stay with me on my IG journey and have suggestions as to totally IG things you want me to try in real life? Leave me a comment!

Image: Um that’s Kylie man in her Fashion Nova

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