Week one update – My Modern Fit Journey

You think I forgot! So after signing up for the program and getting my self a personal trainer to come to my home twice a week, here is the update. I received an email from Sandra from Modern Fit with a VERY detailed presentation and guide as to what excersize I should be undertaking, full meal plans and access to their website for support.

When I tell you this thing was Detailed! It gave my both gym and home workout options, guidance as to what I need to must do versus what I could build up to and a great program for snacks, meals and alternates. So off I went to my local grocery, I have a really updated the kind of food I purchase based on the plan and let the training begin! Stay tuned for snap shots of what I eat in a day.

My fitness coach Kwesi is a pretty happy go lucky guy (no screaming at me) and although the Tuesday session was cut short as I am woefully of shape, Thursday was much better, I made the full hour, was able to get in some drills for the boxing part of the training and even used a resistance band (I know).

Did I eat fried chicken yesterday? Yes I did. I know that I have to crack down on these lazy junk food habits but I am trying. I have seen at least a change in my motivation and it does make me think twice before I make a meal choice most times. I ate salad for dinner twice this week! So I haven’t lost any weight but my mind is in the right place and I hope this can be my first step.

Clarity R

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Modern Fit

Image via Beyond Boxing