Reverse makeup

So I watched Samantha Ravandahl on YouTube try a technique called reverse makeup where she applies bronzer, highlight and the rest first and then foundation on top. Color me intrigued, I like the idea of using cream based products under my foundation to give me that elusive “glow from within” that everybody and their mother is always selling. Just try it with a more sheer foundation and we should be good to go right?

Hmmm, not so easy. I experimented with several product types and brands until I found my Holy Grail to this technique and I swear to you, I wasn’t just glowing from within, I was an angel descended from the make up Gods who clearly has reached the pinnacle of beauty. Laying it on a little thick? Yeah. But truly, I found this technique to be a game changer and especially because I am now on the cusp of 40, I am always looking for ways to look finished but not overdone and this was certainly a step in that direction.

I think that they key to this technique is using cream products that are buildable but don’t cake and I found that with Milk Makeup. This brand has been around for a bit and the super cute stick application for many of their products made it easy to get products exactly where you need it to be. I used the Holographic Highlighter on my cheekbones, nose, Cupid’s bow and a little on the forehead, their blush stick on my cheeks and the contour stick for a little chisel action on the cheeks, forehead and chin.

I did not use their Blur foundation simply because I don’t own it. Instead I used the Benefit Hello Happy Foundation which I have found to be a lightweight coverage (what I normally use on no makeup – makeup days) and found it to be a perfect compliment. The highlighter was sublime under this foundation and gave me a luminous finish in all the right places without a stripe of highlight on my cheeks. I still had definition and a pretty flush of color from the contour and blush so with a little bronzer in the crease and a light shade all over the lid I looked super model natural (i.e. like a team of professionals spent hours on me).

All in all, a wonderful experiment, with my new routine down pat I am looking forward to my all new glow from within.

Clarity R

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