My Modern Fit Journey

Cue ominous clock ticking sounds in the background as I realize I am a stone’s throw away from 40 and in the worst shape of my life. This isn’t just some revelation, I have been steadily gaining weight, having a more sedentary lifestyle and eat like crap so I decided to take the 2019 plunge and try to get some of this weight off.

I decided after a great deal of research that I am not the person who can act well without guidance so enter Modern Fit Club. After checking out their website with maybe 10 pretty to the point questions, $1 trial sign up and an email promise to see a follow up custom program in 24 hours the journey begins.

There are a thousand programs out there but I chose this one because it offered a few practical things for me.

1. It was cheap to try, $1 to sign up and a no hassle cancellation clause

2. The program was comprehensive, it’s not just squats and jumping jacks, it’s built around habits and adjustments to lifestyle

3. There’s some pretty fancy science with great journal articles and support

If you want to follow along with me I will be posting weekly updates on my Instagram @clarityreviews and if you want to join with me, click on the link below and let’s start a discussion on our progress!

Clarity R

Disclaimer: If you do sign up I will receive a small commission on the sale but it’s a $1 man, how much coin am I really making? So it’s legit.

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