Testing the Viral Juno Sponge

I don’t know how many of you saw last year the blow up on the Juno microfiber velvet sponge starting with Ms. Nikkie Tutorials herself and continuing to one of my most trusted YouTube celebrities Ms. Kathleen Lights. After taking a look a huge variety I decided to take the plunge myself but with a different approach. A sponge should be replaced every three months so why not test the sponge for its FULL lifespan before I made a comment, so that’s what I did.

I purchased my pack of two sponge applicators and a Kabuki style brush (not covered in this review) on Amazon for a whopping $13.00 and no shipping thanks to Prime, and so began the daily wear test for a three month span. I tested using my exact routine and the same three foundations I know the coverage, finish and amount of product I use for each application as follows:

1. Run around on weekends light to sheer coverage – Benefit Hello Happy Foundation

2. Everyday work beat medium coverage. – Colourpop No Filter Foundation or Clinique Beyond Perfecting (I rotate equally between the two, coverage is comparable)

3. Beat down night time or event look – Jouer High Coverage Essential Creme Foundation

So as noted from above, I picked up a a two pack, one with a pointed tip which I kept for foundation and one with a flatter edge which I kept for creme products such as highlighters, contour etc. so let’s start with Sponge 1 used for the foundation.

After a good wash and removal of any factory residue, I started with my weekend benefit I usually use a full squeeze and a Sonia Kashuk sponge or a Beauty Blender. coverage is light to sheer and does not cover so imagine my shock when half a squeeze in (put your product on a palette) my face was not just covered, it was a much higher level of coverage than I had seen before from this product. I could barely see my dark brown spots and I used sooooo little product? Shocked yes, convinced no. I had to see more.

Fast forward to a work day, I like a Medium level of coverage and do wear concealer right over brown spots and under my eyes but after applying both of my go to foundations for several weeks in a row with this sponge, I cut down significantly on not only the amount of foundation I was using but the amount of concealer needed as well. Shocked yes, convinced getting there.

Ready for the beat down? Jouer is already known as a product where a little goes a long way so I figured how much of an improvement could this sponge really make when I used 3/4’s of a pump for my whole face as is. The answer is a huge one, I barely use a 1/3 of a pump, need minimal concealer get a flawless airbrush finish that makes me look like my makeup was professionally applied. I am talking selfie central beat down, this was epic.

How about the cleanup and care. Follow the instructions that come in the unit carton and you are in order. I wash my sponges every Sunday because I do a lot of testing and don’t like any remaining residue. These washed easily and without stress, dried easily, retained their shape and were some of the easiest of I have dealt with when it came to its quality from day 1 to day 90 of use.

I also used the other sponge for creme highlight and contour and the principle is the same, it was a huge improvement in coverage and finish, using a ton less product and was a game changer in my routine. So goodbye $20 beauty blenders, thanks for the great ride. Loved my Sonia Kashuk but it never lasted or made such a difference in my routine and count me on the Juno train.

This was a fun one to do because it actually has changed my routine, improved my technique and has shown me that even the most basic tool can be improved. Stay tuned for any updates I pick up but I will be following Juno VERY carefully.

And in case I have to say it. This review was Not Sponsored, all products were purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own. I just couldn’t find anything wrong with the damn thing!

A fancy picture of my order on my couch

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