The Pinterest syndrome – or how to really buy furniture online

For many years I owned a higher end home store that brought in furniture pieces from various suppliers for our clients all through special order. That means no stock, each piece was ordered per client and there was no way to see or feel it before it came. So here are some expert tips to scratch that Pinterest itch and get your home in order for 2019.

1. Buy from a legit site. There are tons of companies out there with great marketing and PR departments but with high end and high value purchases, you need a company that really has a history of specializing in this. Sites such as Wayfair (and all their associated brands), Crate and Barrel and Ethan Allen are great choices because you know what you are in for and there is an established customer service protocol for any issues that arise. In addition, Amazon is NOT where you buy furniture, they do not create or control the vendors and can only do so much if there is an issue. In addition, this is not their wheelhouse so it can be a crapshoot when the piece finally arrives.

2. Measure, then measure again. Understanding phrasing such as internal versus external dimensions (inside and outside basically) matter when buying beds, sofas and more. Ok great, it will fit in your living room but will it fit through your door, in your lift or up your stairs? Ensure that you understand not all furniture comes broken down and this means clearances have to be taken into account.

3. Understand material choices. What is MDF, will it last? (No) Can a poly blend be a better choice for pillows than raw silk if you have small kids? Can these items be washed, cleaned or removed? What’s the finish and is it supposed to age or patina like certain metals. Don’t be taken off guard when the beautifully aged metal bed comes to your door as shiny as can be, it will change over time.

4. Do a mood board. Don’t buy single pieces because they are on sale. Have a Pinterest board that gives you an idea of what you want the room or space to feel like and build on it piece by piece so each investment adds up to a singular goal rather than missteps because of a flash sale.

These are not the only things you should be doing but I will say that in my experience it’s a great start. Need a little advice? Message me, I’m happy to help.

Clarity R

Image via: House Beautiful

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