I have a problem, with palettes

So with my new discovery of makeup and the never ending information being provided by YouTube gurus such as Tati, Jackie Aina and Kathleen Lights to name a few, my obsession with palettes has become a real problem.

I am looking at the constant influx of new launches and thinking ‘I have to have that one, it’s so different from anything else’ but is it really? I am no a makeup guru and I continue to learn application techniques everyday but there is no aspect of my life where I can pull off the blue and green cut crease or the rainbow eye. Although I really enjoy the artistry these looks require and the incredible skill these people have to create these looks, no where in real life am I able to integrate some of the looks that have been created online.

The question then is, do I really require the rainbow palette launched by James Charles and Morphe that sells out every thirty seconds, or the Take me to Brazil palette by BH Cosmetics that screams with stunning color – no I don’t….but the Caribbean woman in me wants it so badly it hurts. The vibrancy of saturated color is something ingrained into our DNA and without a doubt these palettes were designed for that. Can you imagine to Carnival or fete looks that could be pulled off with these colors? The potential is astounding.

But back I run to my neutral palettes for everyday, a little shimmer on the lid if I feel exciting. It the practical part of me unable to reconcile my desires with my abilities or my reality. I will say I have been trying more color lately in my own little way, a pop of color under the lash line being my favorite subtle intro of a bright or bold color. I will continue to to try to mesh my palette obsession with my real life and who knows, maybe that Brazil palette may be here sooner than you think.

Subnote: My current favorites are as follows;

1. Urban Decay Born to Run – the vibrant pops of deep green and stunning and have enough neutrals for me not to be too intimi7

2. Kathleen Lights x Colourpop Zodiac – there are some intense plum shimmers in here that make the whole thing worthwhile, a few lighter shades to mix with but the plums makes this a keeper

3. Desi x Katy Friendcation Dose of Colors – by far my favorite I was pretty shocked at how quality the shadows are but the perfect blues, gold and greens in this make it a showstopper and ever one with less blending skills (like me) makes this look amazing.

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