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This is not an original title for all those that follow the makeup world know of the well established IG account @colourpopcult (I myself am a huge fan) who covers all things makeup, not just Colourpop but who’s name is perfect for my tirade so credit due of course.

For those who don’t know Colourpop is a highly established company with a wide variety of products for lips, eyes, skin and more with a incredible price point and a never ending launch schedule. As a recent makeup convert, finding Colourpop was a boon to both my willingness to experiment and my wallet by allowing me the chance to try on trend color combos without breaking the bank.

Then came my YouTube phase. In the last year I have discovered Shayla, Kathleen Lights and more who changed my world. Suddenly makeup became accessible and less about brand more about effect. It was a life changing turn because when I picked up the Shayla x Colourpop collab called Perception my world changed forever.

Sound dramatic? A little over the top? Sure, maybe. But remember all of this started at 39, so a person who has maintained pretty much the same look and style their whole life now has the opportunity to change and be more flexible. I felt pretty, more confident at work, more polished and put together so yes, my world changed. Colourpop allowed me to experiment with my look and find a way to express myself without impractical price points and created the opportunity for my sense of self to evolve.

As a result, I am more experimental with my looks now, I have been complimented regularly and it has done wonders for my self esteem and sense of ego that often have older women doubting their beauty or their ability to feel feminine and confident beyond a certain age.

Especially with Caribbean women, youth is worshipped and I found myself well past that point. I am no longer a size 6, nor have the perfect skin of my youth but thanks to the Colourpop Cult, I continue to evolve and experiment without fear.

Clarity R


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