The New Year Fallacy

Our tale of woe ends with the flight back. As expected, I can barely manage to keep my temper as it has been a great expedition in the impossible. We have discussed the past inability of women to not take on the responsibility for the happiness of everyone around them, but a week of Disney has been a great experience when it come to the true test of this.

That aside, there have been moments of pure joy. The expression on the kiddo’s face when she got to hug Donald Duck. The excitement of riding high in the air on a dinosaur (I kept my eyes closed) and the amazement that everyone had great treats for her to which she was not allergic (food allergies are the bane of her existence but more on that in another post).

What can and always will get under my skin is how to people who are so dissimilar can end up together for so long. We don’t like the same kind of food, we don’t watch the same movies, we have no hobbies or habits that intersect so I am not quite sure where to go from there.

Again, responsibility taken. I should be more involved in the things that interest my partner but sometimes I am at a loss as to how to communicate without getting frustrated. I am not known for my flexibility to say the least. I am stubborn, bull headed, and known to be immovable when I have my mind set on something but that still doesn’t answer the question. What do you do when there’s nothing to talk about? When conversations become more easily arguments because neither is willing to budge or compromise.

So herein lies today’s theme dear readers, New Years resolutions. I have always found them to be absolutely useless. Just empty echoes of promises made to ourselves, kept for a week, a month if you’re really good, only to fall back into old, comfortable bad habits. So here’s my very public resolution.

I cannot be responsible for everyone else. I can only be responsible for myself (and with reason, my kiddo). That does not mean I acquiesce the ability to be a part of something but rather stop driving everyone crazy (including myself) by taking control of every situation and its outcome. Lay back, let others do their own thing, make their own mistakes and have their own successes without feeling like I have to drive that every time.

So happy new year, we go back to come regularly scheduled posting but it’s been quite the ride

Clarity R

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