The inevitable blow up.

So continues the Disney saga, which I think is less about Disney and more about the trials and tribulations we submit ourselves to as mothers, partners and women when it comes to everyone else’s happiness.

Morning started out ok, kiddo got to meet some characters, breakfast wasn’t so exotic that dad freaked out and we all were in the park by 12. Of course within an hour or so I caught on my most tragic mistake that I can’t believe I missed. Neither my kiddo nor my partner has an ounce of patience so unless I had a cheat access to a ride (booked ages in advance) waits could be from 30 minutes to 2 hours! Enter the no way am I doing this crowd, followed by the mom are we there yet chorus.

Ok, let’s take a break, get back to the hotel. Decompress and be fresh for round two. We get there and we get 3 rides! The park is packed and we still have a great time! And then it begins again. The adults haven’t eaten on schedule. Dinner is at 8:30 but we don’t get seated until 8:40 and then by the time we are walking out it’s 10:00. A fight breaks out at the table in typical parent fashion, angry words are whispered through gritted teeth to each other. Everyone is starving but no one wants to eat because a point has to be made now. My head still hurts thinking about it (and I still haven’t eaten)

Am I blameless in this? Absolutely not. I am a direct part of making this worse by losing my patience long after everyone has lost theirs but more so for overcompensating. This disease I suffer from to try and make everyone happy has effectively made everyone miserable.

Not sure when I will learn from my mistakes but maybe tomorrow

Clarity R

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