Makeup on the run.

So as we all know by now, I’m off the Disney and the packing scenarios has been epic! ( I am posting a whole blog just on Disney prep and packing for those who have interest) This blog is focused on my glam on the go routine.

For those who are now coming on board, I am a new found lover of makeup and skincare (I know, a little late but give me a break, I was busy living off my good genes for years) and with that comes my natural inclination the research the bejesus our of it. As a result, you get the bonus of having someone else go through the hard knocks for you before your hard earned coin is spent. This particular post of focused on what’s in my makeup bag for Disney

Step 1. If you don’t do it at home, it’s not happening on the trip.

Ever fall victim to that ‘yes I’ll do a mask on my trip because I’m on vacation and will have time’ uhhhh…no. This should be a pared done version of tried and true steps with elimination of as many in betweens as possible, so here we go

Step 2. Pack the bag as you walk through the order of your routine so you don’t forget anything. For me that’s moisture, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, eyes, brows, bronzer, highlight, lips. Sound like a lot. It is, I can be that girl sometimes.

Step 3. Cut it down. Think about where you are going, what you want to tote, and if you will really use it. I am doing Disney so let’s face facts, glam is not my priority but I am taking a million pics so maybe just a good baseline to work with.

Step 4. Pack! Here’s my list and why I am taking all of them (keep in mind that I have dry skin with hyperpigmentation on both cheeks that I want to cover)

Moisturizer- Tatcha water cream – the travel size is amazing and really makes my feel like my skin is plush and hydrated

Primer – Hourglass veil primer – a super luxe finish that gives a smooth surface to work with and helps reduce texture

Foundation – Colourpop no filter liquid foundation – this has been my sleeper and what an incredible find. With the right base products coverage is very buildable , lasts all day and has a smooth finish (use a sponge to apply)

Eyes – Kathleen Lights Zodiac Palette by Colourpop- a great mix of base and shimmer colors for easy one swipe application over the kids in a wide range of shades so for New Years Eve I’m covered and no I have no special affinity to Colourpop!

Brows – Milk Makeup Kush brow gel in grind – since of found this baby I have never looked back for full brows without 30 mins in front a mirror

Highlight – I ordered the Amrezy highlighter since it came back in stock and sent it straight to the hotel, will keep you updated on its performance

Lips – Also a Black Friday buy was a the Dose of Colors toasty lip set of 4 (all nudes) so will also keep you updated on its wear

Subnote – also brought Laniege lip balm, I’d die without it and Drunk Elephant Lippie Balm for the kiddo (She likes the elephant and wears it without complaint)

All of this fits in 2 Ipsy pouches which are pretty small (except ordered items) so it’s not a huge haul and makes my feel like my stash is not overwhelming

So although I sound like I have a a few more steps in my routine than others (and I forgot mascara! Which I didn’t bring, that’s melt off central) I will be fine taking tons of photos that will probably get framed in my home and not be worried about every little spec visible.

Might even take a selfie!

Clarity R

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