We all start somewhere

Let’s start with the basics, I am not by any means an expert in any of this. Not fashion, not beauty, nothing. What I am is an educated consumer with a real frustration as to how single note most information is out there for people in the Caribbean.

We are a really difficult group to get a hold on, from our huge range of ethnic makeups to our massive affection for all things holiday (I’m looking at you Trinidad, you guys can take a holiday for everything!). It is time to take the information out there and start customizing it for us.

So what will you see here? My daily struggles (And successes) with modern brands. Does this foundation really work when it’s hot every single day? Can I wear knee high boots in Barbados in August if I’m not Rihanna? How do I take the latest trends and make them my own.

Reality check: it doesn’t cost a thing to have an opinion and this is mine but I do look around for deals, sales, coupons and more and pass these onto you mostly though my Facebook (www.facebook.com/clarityreviewed) or Instagram (@clarityreviews). I will carry some affiliate links to support this page but will never post anything I haven’t tried or bought for myself and believe in. The page is call Clarity after all, so here it is crystal clear.

Here we go….

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